Hall of Donators


Alan Diggs (18,00$)

Information hidden

Tperraut (15,00€)

from France

Amanda (15,00$)

from United States

Manuel (15,00$)

from Chile

10,00$ - 6,00$

Fryne (10,00€)

Information hidden

Hudson (10,00$)

from Australia

Howdy (10,00$)

Information hidden

5,00$ - 1,00$

Jimbo (5,00$)

from United States

Cogren (5,00$)

from México

Christian (5,00$)

Information hidden

Jaime (5,00$)

from Colombia

Pablo (4,00$)

from Perú

Samiio (2,00$)

from Australia

Hjemme (2,00$)

from Noruega

Strava (1,38$)

from United States

Robin (1,00$)

from Germany

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Donations support me and ensure that I can keep working to make texture packs. Also, depending of the amount donated, I'll leave direct download links for some days
To thank you for donating, you will be featured in this mini Hall of Donators and an special rank in my Discord server (optional)